May 20, 2009

Canon Powershot SD990IS 14.7MP Digital Camera

Compact point-and-shoot cameras are very popular due to its portability and beautiful designs. Canon has been the market leader in point-and-shoot cameras for many years now and shows no signs of waning. Here is a review of one of Canon's latest models, the Canon Powershot SD990IS 14.7MP digital camera.
The design of the Canon Powershot SD990IS 14.7MP digital camera makes it stands out from other models. Instead of the usual rectangle design, this model sports a more curvy and contoured design. The sides of this camera are contoured inwards towards the middle, probably to provide a better grip. It comes in two colors (silver and black).
The Canon Powershot SD990IS 14.7MP digital camera takes images with up to 14.7MP in resolution. It also has a powerful 3.7x optical zoom. On the back, this model has a spacious 2.5-inch LCD display that produces realistic previews of your shots. It has an anti-reflection coating and a wide viewing angle.
Many point-and-shoot models in the market go overboard in producing brilliant pictures. Many of them produce overly vivid reds, greens and blues, giving the photos a 'touched-up' fell. The Canon Powershot SD990IS 14.7MP digital camera produces very natural images, and works really well in all sort of lighting conditions (it takes phenomenal images with indoor lighting).
The auto face detection and face self-timer works well. The auto contrast correction was also great in taking shots in excessively dim or bright lighting conditions. All in all, the Canon Powershot SD990IS 14.7MP digital camera does a pretty good job for a compact camera. It is highly recommended for anyone who is looking for an 'advanced', compact point-and-shoot camera.
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Canon PowerShot SD990IS

As a startup amateur photographer, I have owned a lot of point and shoot cameras during the last few months. I finally settled on this PowerShot SD990IS model, and it seems the best one I have seen so far.
Face detection is a feature that everybody is thrilled about in any camera. Add a self timer to this feature and you've got a feature every point and shoot camera owner must have used at least once. And, indeed, face detection works great with this 990, perhaps even better than with any other camera I've seen, as long as I shoot indoors. However, if I want to take a group shot outside, and the sun is shining brightly, problems start to pop in: faces get improperly lit, colors get distorted, and other dreadful effects. Also, from time to time only one face is detected out of the whole group. So I have to either take the shot like it is, or move everyone to another location, like under a tree. Pretty annoying, isn't it?
The image sensor can take up to a whopping 14.7 megapixels. However, you aren't likely to be using anything above 10, since, at this resolution, problems start to kick in. For example, you will get a noisy picture at an ISO of as little as 250 if you go above 10MP.
The colors produced are great. Pictures look natural, almost "too real". Most Canon models I played with will get too vivid colors that sometimes require post processing. And I don't know about you, but I take pictures at picnics for fun, to share memories with my friends, I don't want to work on each of the 300 shots I take in one afternoon only to adjust the color balance. What do you think?
To wrap it up, this Canon is a great model, it comes with a set of features that are quite nice and useful when they work as they should. The huge amount of megapixels is outrageous, simply because I wasn't able to take one decent shot at maximum resolution. I would personally consider this is a marketing hype, to boost sales: there are still people who consider that the more MP's a camera has, the better it is and also the more money it's worth. This is obviously not true, and Canon PowerShot SD990IS is here to support this.
Getting the perfect camera, is never an easy thing, especially with the way digital technology is constantly changing. Fortunately, there are plenty of helpful websites online, that can narrow down your search and help you find the camera with all the features important to you.
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April 4, 2009

Canon Powershot A590IS's Predecessor - The Canon Powershot SD990 IS Review

A camera can do so much for you yet it gets taken for granted so often. Something that captures your memories should be cherished, unless it's of bad quality. Your memories aren't pixilated, fuzzy, and blurry are they? Well, we're not talking about the bar in this hypothetical statement, but usually they aren't. So why on earth would you settle for a less than adequate camera? The Canon Powershot SD990 IS is more than adequate and it also beats it's predecessors like the Canon Powershot A590IS.
I'll tell you why; price. Everything is so expensive now, sales taxes are being issued on the internet more often, tons of people are getting laid off, it's all going to hell. Why buy a camera then, especially when a nice one like the Canon Powershot A590IS is so cheap? Well, simply put, we need to preserve the good memories to help us out of the bad ones. You can't do that with a $100 dollar, poorly constructed, mini camera. You need an excellent camera and it isn't even that heavily priced.
For $320 the Canon Powershot SD990IS will deliver amazing digital photographs with fifteen megapixels. FIF-TEEN. That is almost twice as much as the Canon Powershot A590IS, which has 8. Not to mention the face detection, an amazing recent new feature in most cameras. The face detector will even find the faces for you when you put it on self timer, amazing, huh? This camera is a steal in it's truest and most legal form. Ok, I can hear the skepticism from across the room; "I don't know what that means! I'm old!". Ok, ok, I'll slow it down for you.
The Canon Powershot SD990IS's highest resolution is at 4416 x 2480, that is the highest resolution this camera can go. Yes, that is very big, larger a normal LCD wide screen computer monitor. More proof? Alright, 4x stabilized digital zoom, meaning, you can take a picture of that pimple on your prepubescent son's nose and it'll be in 15 megapixel definition still. Still not convinced? Easy printing and Red Eye correction. The camera will fix red eye for you, and can print the picture at the click of a button.
The Canon Powershot SD990IS is a revolutionary, affordable and entertaining camera. It pushes the envelope with it's 15 megapixel and face detection. Be a professional photographer with 3 times less the price and make memories today. The Canon Powershot A590IS is good too if you're really on a budget but I wouldn't recommend it. Regardless, if you're going to buy a camera, go Canon!
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